Have fun, anonymous conversations with friends

100% anonymous for you and them

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Share What You Want, To Who You Want

Anonymously share gossip, inside jokes or anything else with your friends. They can join the conversation anonymously too.

Have Fun

Get up to date and unfiltered gossip or inside jokes from your personal friend circles. Seriously, be goofy, nobody can judge you.

You’re In Control

Each gossip can be kept private, only being shared with the people you invite, or you can choose it to be shareable and it can spread like wildfire.

It’s Exclusive

Choose the relevant people you want to anonymously gossip with. You know, something that isn’t seen by your neighbor, mother, etc.

No bullying allowed

Anonymous conversations are meant to be fun and revealing, but not abusive. This is a bully free zone.

Be You

Express your ideas, gossip stories and what you think In a completely secure, anonymous way. No profiles or names, only randomized Emojis.

Why gossip?

It’s fun, exclusive and sometimes a bit naughty, but it’s real life. Let’s be honest, is anybody really who they say they are on social media these days? They’re all fake. We made this app so people can have real and unfiltered conversations with their friends about the world around them, without their mom, neighbor or another random internet idiot joining in. The problem with most social networks is that you can’t be yourself or say what you really think, because there’s no context or privacy, so that’s why the best stories are shared over coffee. But, then again, how much of that story is left on the table?

Our app allows you to have those conversations with your friends, anywhere and at anytime. The anonymous nature of it brings out the humor, the truth and all the other fun you can be having with your friends, because nobody is afraid of being judged. Every conversation is a new opportunity to have fun and say what you want, without being judged. BE YOU. We love to talk and that’s why we gossip.

Bullying is not allowed